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Learning to use a new program can be like learning a new language - we all know how we do not like to learn, but have you found out how you do like it?

"Learning AutoCAD online can make learning this new 'language' simple and effective!"

How so?

Look at what we have on offer, and you will find that the learning methods we have are easy to use and really work:

AutoCAD Individual Tuition "How can you benefit personally and directly from my 20 years experience of working with AutoCAD?" With my personal attention in an online AutoCAD course, you can learn at your own speed and you can ask questions when you do not quite grasp something, without being embarrassed in front of classmates or colleagues. The course material is decided between us beforehand, so you learn exactly what you need, no more and no less! I have a standard starter course prepared, if you have not used AutoCAD before, but if you have we can prepare something tailored to you personally.

AutoCAD Videos One of the advantages of using videos to learn a new program like AutoCAD, is that you can learn at your own pace and try things out while you are learning. In a class or group you have to go at the speed of the others, and if you want to try something out, chances are you miss something important the trainer says. Videos can be watched over again until you can do it in your sleep!

AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Do you have a question about AutoCAD? Are you stuck, or do not know how to proceed? Here is a list of a whole heap of questions we've been asked already - or problems we have faced ourselves! Or just very useful tips to speed up your work or make it more comfortable.

What is so great about AutoCAD? Why all the talk about AutoCAD? Is it really useful - will AutoCAD skills help me get a better job? Here is some information we have put together which should convince you that learning AutoCAD is not only interesting, but is also a smart thing to do. Have a look to find out why:

...and the amazing thing is:

you do not even need to have AutoCAD installed on your computer!

Benefit right now from my 20 years of experience working with AutoCAD!
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David Thompson

PS.: here is a comment from one of my recent students:

Javier Lamo
International Corporate Real Estate Manager at BAYER Real Estate

David was contracted for an Autocad training and the result was excellent. He has showed high level skills in Autocad as well as in training techniques. He managed to do a comprehensive and easy-to-follow training with a good sense of humor. Overall I would like to remark his flexibility for adapting to changes and his excellent attitude.

10th July 2013

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