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What is

The goal was to design a program which would be able to combine all processes from the design of a commercial kitchen up to the ready to use finished product, with all intermediate steps like offers, sketches, plans, order confirmations and so forth.

The development for such a program started already in the 90s and it was known by the name of MasterChef. Since 2006 the further developed program is known as Specifi.

Specifi is available in 2 different variations:

  1. As an Add-On program, for all those who already own and use their AutoCAD Licence as a design and planning tool. Specifi will use AutoCAD as a platform for its own drawings, including rendering and so on.
  2. For all those who do not have an AutoCAD Licence, Specifi as a stand alone program is the perfect solution. All necessary AutoCAD functions are contained within Specifi and can be used fully. Please note that here AutoCAD can only be used in connection with Specifi, not on its own!

2D/3D manufacturer product library with all connections & measurements, prices as well as technical Infos & pictures

mechanical, electrical and sanitary installation layouts

offers, order confirmations and invoices can all be generated directly in Specifi

insert your own library

exporting of offers in different formats, like excel, word, pdf

automatic synchronising of drawing and offer

many currencies and languages to choose from

huge list of product information from hundreds of partner manufacturers

and so much more, all of which we cannot list! If you would like to know more about Specifi, contact us or go directly to the website

Our training Courses for you

Specifi Online Course

You use Specifi as an individual user or you like to train several employees one at a time? No problem!

For that our Online Specifi Training Course is perfect. In only 10 training sessions (each about 90min long) over 10 days you learn everything you need to work successfully with Specifi. The time for the training is very flexible and can be easily integrated in your working day.

Special feature: If you wish, every training will be recorded as a video and you can use it later to review, as a reminder or go back to if questions arise later, as often as you like! You just need an Internet connection, your installed Specifi-Licence (also available as a Test Version for 30 days) and a head-set, if possible. We worry about the rest!

Your Advantage here: cost effective, flexible in number of participants, later training possible, training time hardly affects your working schedule, your own training as a video tutorial for revision. Any questions left?

INHOUSE Specifi Training

For 4 or more participants, we are happy to do the training at your own location.

The course takes three days, about 6.5 hours per day. We take examples from your own day to day work, for the practice sessions during the training, so the things which are spoken about are not only theory, but can be used directly in practice.

Our experience has shown that learning as a team leads to better mutual support after the training has finished. So we try to maintain a fresh and relaxed learning atmosphere, where any and all questions are welcome, so that afterwards everyone is just raring to get stuck in with the next project.

Your advantage: larger groups can be trained in house together, than online; you have the trainer there exclusively for you; 3 days concentrating on one subject; learn right at your own place of work.

We will be happy to put an offer together for you!

AutoCAD Course by David Thompson

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