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David Thompson BSC

30 years AutoCAD experience

David Thompson BSC

Individual AutoCAD courses online & in your office

AutoCAD courses online

AutoCAD courses tailored to your needs online via video conference.

AutoCAD courses at the office

Workshops specially tailored to your area of expertise on your own premises.

David Thompson BSC

30 years AutoCAD experience

David Thompson BSC

Individual AutoCAD courses online & in your office

AutoCAD courses online

AutoCAD courses tailored to your needs online via videoconference.

AutoCAD courses in your office

Workshops specially tailored to your area of expertise on your own premises.

AutoCAD course online from David Thompson

What’s special?

CAD courses, training courses and seminars are a dime a dozen. What is different with us? David Thompson’s AutoCAD courses allow you to tailor your training to suit your needs – from CAD courses for beginners to specialist training. AutoCAD training online alone, in-company with a group or as a combination package of online & in-house course. This guarantees you a flexibility that you have never known before in training!

more than 30 years of experience with AutoCAD

Individually tailored training

AutoCAD courses online or at your own location

Beginner's Basics & Special Training

Independent of time & place

Personal Trainer

Benefit from a personal teacher who is also there for you after the CAD course.

No Stress

You determine the ideal time for learning and the length of the units. We are guided by you!

Individual Curriculum

Focused training for your AutoCAD work area – you only learn what you need.

Saving properly

You only pay for what you really need, our costs are calculated accordingly.

Questions about the CAD course

Our CAD course addresses exactly your daily annoyances and enables you to work smoothly afterwards. Together with your team, we develop solutions for your very own AutoCAD drawing settings. This way, the programme is „fine-tuned“ to your use and workflows and drawings go hand-in-hand from then on.

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How does that work?


An AutoCAD online training is a live video conference where you and the trainer can see each other’s screen, and if desired, each other.

To participate in this webinar, we will send you a link to register in the GoToMeeting programme after the agreed training date, which will then create a secure connection (we also use Microsoft Teams and Zoom). You simply log in with your name, and off you go. In the preliminary telephone conversation, you discuss with the trainer which training you need individually.

On the first training date, it is best to log in about 15 minutes before the seminar starts to make sure that all technical requirements for the live transmission are working. 

Would company training also be possible?

Of course!

We would be happy to conduct a non-binding and free analysis meeting with you in advance so that we can then make you a training offer that is exactly right for you.

What is covered in the course?

This depends on whether you have previous knowledge and only need individual programme units or whether you would prefer a complete basic course.

If you would like to discuss only selected topics, we will be happy to make you a personal offer. Why pay more for something you already know how to do?

Is there a final exam at the end?

No, there is no final exam. Our students have enough time to try out what they have learned in the individual intervals, and if there is something which does not work as expected, the trainer will be happy to discuss the function again until it works for you!

We are happy to issue a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

Is there a discount for multiple participants?

Of course! If you all want to book the basic course together, for example, we already offer a discount from the 2nd participant onwards, which increases as the number increases!

Our experience has shown that it is possible to complete an online training course together with up to 5 or 6 participants.

Contact us and we will make you an irresistible offer!

How long does a complete basic course take?

Of course, this depends on how often you can arrange your lessons.
The basic course consists of 20 teaching units or 10 double lessons (1 double lesson = 90 minutes).

So if you book a double lesson 5 days a week every morning, you would already be finished with the basic course in 2 weeks and could then work with AutoCAD independently.

Can I choose the time myself?

You are free to choose when learning suits you best, after consultation with the trainer David Thompson, of course. Your advantage is that we are super flexible, whether in the morning, in the morning or in the evening…let’s just talk about it!

And if something unexpected comes up, it’s no problem to cancel and arrange a new date.

Do I need special equipment?

All you need is your computer with loudspeaker and microphone (a headset with microphone would be best – but not absolutely necessary) and an access link, which we will send you by email.

If you wish, you can also purchase a course book, so that you have all the individual teaching steps explained again in black and white.

As an extra service, which has really proved its worth, we offer to record the individual lessons as a video. This gives you the security of being able to watch everything again later at your leisure, with stop & start option and as a reference for later times. This way you can’t forget anything!

Participants of the AutoCAD Course Online

„Every single step and function was explained in detail. I had a really confident feeling with the programme after the training.“ Azam Design

„Exceptionally competent and friendly training. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about AutoCAD.“
Julia B.

„Despite the long distance, I always felt I had a direct line to Mr Thompson.“
wp Ingenieurbau GmbH

„What I appreciate about the trainings is the high degree of time flexibility and the individual training depending on the performance level of the employees.“ Birgit F.

David Thompson on YouTube

AutoCAD 2017 - Dynamic Blocks pt 1

Dynamic Blocks

In this video I show how a dynamic block can be stretched, and how to use the visibility function to hide or show an object in the block.

AutoCAD 2018 - how to use Plot style tables

Plot style tables

We draw away quite happily in AutoCAD with lots of on-screen colour, but how do we change that when it comes to printing. In this video I explain how to use standard AutoCAD Plot style tables, as well as how to make your own!

AutoCAD 2018 - how to set up & use viewports in paper space

Set up & use Viewports

How to get things from model space to paper space - setting up viewports in your layouts!

AutoCAD 2011 - setting up a sheet title as a block using attributes

setting up a sheet title

How to set up a title block for a sheet border - insert a Logo from a bitmap, insert attributes and field text!

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