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Learn AutoCAD in the comfort of your home, with a personal Coach, a training only for you!

Reduce Stress

  • no vacation lost for schooling
  • do not visit a seminar and only some parts really stick
  • do not face questions later on your own

Your own personal coach

  • 26 years experience with AutoCAD
  • personal
  • individual training for your needs
  • anywhere you like, time flexible
  • your goals are our challenge

Learn only what you really need

  • schooling centred on your work background
  • interval training, use what you learned straight away
  • cost effective
What is different with us?
You can find any number of AutoCAD training courses & seminars searching the internet! So what is so different with us?
We are all expected to bring sufficient professional knowledge to our work. New jobs often require young people with lots of experience. But how do you manage to get this extra bit of additional training on top of your already stressful schedule?
Of course, you can sacrifice your precious holidays for a long AutoCAD course, or you can spend the evenings after work at night classes which you reach after travelling through rush-hour traffic. Or you take part in a 3-day seminar where you get so much information, that you forget half of it straight away, and are not really any the wiser when you try to start working with it.
We thought that there has to be another way!

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Your individual CAD course! Choose your favorite...

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What courses are on offer?
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A live AutoCAD-Course is an Online Training, which is individually designed for you and runs directly over your PC. You are directly connected with the trainer and can speak with him just as you would on the telephone. At the same time you see on your screen what the coach is explaining to you. If you have questions you can ask them directly and you see on your own screen how each command is done in AutoCAD. Can’t be easier really!

CAD-Course Online for your business

Our Online AutoCAD Business training is conducted in a virtual classroom. We can train up to 5 members of staff simultaneously.

Why is this so clever?

  • very cost effective training of several members of staff at the same time
  • no expensive training facilities, not necessary for all to travel or to be absent from work
  • co-workers learn as a team, which guarantees a better cooperation at work
  • all the training sessions can be videoed and used for revision later.
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AutoCAD Course by David Thompson

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