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AutoCAD Training Online

Study on your own PC

Training tailored to your field of work

Short units

Rather learn in short units, but every day with a high success factor.

Free choice of subject

AutoCAD training online in the basic course or select only specifically relevant topics.

Video recording

There’s no more forgetting! With the video recording you can repeat everything.

Save effectively

Only pay for what you really need in AutoCAD.

Save with AutoCAD Training Online.

No long journeys, no after-work traffic and you don’t need to fill up your tank for us either! You only pay for the seminar units you really need, no unnecessary or hidden costs. With our AutoCAD training online, you do not have to pay for a „complete“ course if you only want to learn a few new features.

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Ideal learning environment

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that our brain is much more receptive and efficient when we learn in a familiar environment? Learn AutoCAD on your PC, with all the familiar settings.

Video recording of the webinar

What was that again, I forgot again! We don’t have that. If you want, your AutoCAD training will be recorded online as a video. You can repeat the video tutorials as often as you like, until you are sure.

Short learning sessions

It is better to learn less, but every day or in short units. If you have not yet fully internalised something, simply discuss it again briefly with the trainer at the next AutoCAD webinar.

AutoCAD Basic Course: Topic Overview

The list shows all the lessons that are covered in the AutoCAD Basic Course - some topics require less than one teaching unit, while others require 2 or more!

Training Session 1

The Ribbon, Tab Settings, Access Toolbox, Title Bar, BKS / WKS Icon, Command Window, Text Window, What's Behind the AutoCAD Program Icon (including Export, Publish, Drawing Programs, etc.), Explanation of Difference between Model and Paper Space (Layout), Drawing Options, Viewport Control - Multiple Model Views; View Control (Top, Iso, etc.); Visual Style

Training Session 2

The status bar

Model space, Raster and snap mode, Dynamic input, Ortho mode,

Polar Trace, Object Snap, Object Snap Trace, Line Width, Transparency, Workspaces, Annotation Monitoring, Quick Properties, Isolate/Hide Objects, System Variable Monitoring, Reliable Autodesk DWG File.

Training Session 3


- absolute (#) & relative (@), user coordinate systems (BKS), define views in model space
Create drawing elements (start) e.g.:
Lines, polylines, circle, arc, ellipse, elliptical arc, rectangle & polygon, spline, construction line, ray, point (easier)

Training Session 4

Create drawing elements (rest)

Create points 'Distribute' & 'Measure', cover, revision clouds, hatching - also as 'labelling object'.

Training Session 5

Editing drawing elements

Delete, Oops, Copy, Copy Nested Objects, Mirror, Offset, Row - Rectangular, Polar & Path Arrangement (Edit Associative Arrangements); Push (Move), Rotate, Align, Scale, Stretch, Trim, Stretch, Break to Point, Break, Connect

Training Session 6

Working with drawing layers
Layer Properties Manager, Layer On / Off, Layer Freeze and Thaw, Layer Lock and Unlock, Colour, Linetypes, Lineweight, Transparency, Plot, Freeze in New Viewport, Context Menu in Layer Properties Manager, Create Layer Filter, Layer Status Manager, Isolate with Options & Unisolate...

Training Session 7

Groups & Blocks
Create and edit groups. Create and write blocks, insert blocks and Wblocks, insert & edit xrefs, import or attach other elements such as pdf's or image files. Blocks with attributes and dynamic blocks.

Training Session 8

Dimensioning & Dimension Style
Create new dimension styles, Edit existing dimension style, Activate a dimension style, Linear dimensioning, Aligned dimensioning, Angle dimensioning, Radius dimensioning, Diameter dimensioning, Baseline dimensioning & Continuous dimensioning, Quick dimensioning, Adjust dimension location, Dimension break, Create centre line, Centre marker etc.

Training Session 9

Multi-leading line & text elements
Create text styles, create paragraph text or single line text, edit text. Create and edit multi-leading lines

Training Session 10

Layouts and plotting:
Create page set-ups, plot and batch plot, create and edit viewports.

Procedure of the AutoCAD Training Online

All you need to start your AutoCAD career as a professional is 10. teaching units of 90min each. The AutoCAD training online in the basic course lasts 10 days if you do the seminar on every working day except Saturdays. We are happy to complete an AutoCAD webinar within 14 days, as then everything can be internalised and implemented coherently.

You alone decide when the webinars take place. Most students find the time in the morning between 8:00-10:00h advantageous. A teaching unit (double lesson) lasts 1:30h and if you start at 8:00h, you are already finished at 9:30h!

However, if you are more interested in evening training, we can find suitable dates for that too – just let’s talk about it.

Alternatively, if you are interested, take a look at our AutoCAD courses in the company!

Participants of the AutoCAD Training Online

„Every single step and function was explained in detail. I had a really confident feeling with the programme after the training.“ Azam Design

„Exceptionally competent & friendly training. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about AutoCAD.“ Julia B.

„Despite the long distance, I always had the feeling of having a direct line to Mr Thompson.“ wp Ingenieurbau GmbH

„What I appreciate about the training is the high degree of flexibility in terms of time and the individual training depending on the performance level of the employees.“ Birgit F.

Cost of the AutoCAD Basic Course online

The course lasts 10 days if you do the training every working day except Saturdays. 10 learning units of 90min. each.


excl. VAT

Weitere Details

Prices valid for a booking until 31.12.2024 for persons or companies based in the EU. Do you live outside the EU? Let us make you an individual offer!

For already booked online trainings that are cancelled before the agreed start date, we charge a handling fee. For further information, please refer to your order confirmation.


Video recording of the AutoCAD training

As an extra bonus, you have the option of having the lessons recorded as a video. This way, you can repeat everything at your leisure even after you have completed the course, in case you have forgotten something.


excl. VAT

Weitere Details

Prices valid for a booking until 31.12.2024 for persons or companies based in the EU. Do you live outside the EU? Let us make you an individual offer!

AutoCAD Basics Book by MUM

As an addition, we will gladly order a basic book for AutoCAD training from the publisher MUM (Training Manual AutoCAD Basics).


excl. VAT

Weitere Details

Prices valid for a booking until 31.12.2024 for persons or companies based in the EU. Do you live outside the EU? Let us make you an individual offer!

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