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CAD Course David Thompson

AutoCAD Trainer

30 years of experience in working with AutoCAD

David Thompson

I have always had a great interest in buildings & technology.

It started with the usual LEGO bricks and radios and later led to my architectural degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

After 3 years I graduated with a Bachelor’s and have been working in the field of architecture, especially in the area of doors, windows and conservatories, and other metal constructions, etc. as a designer and draughtsman since 1986.

I have been working specifically with AutoCAD as well as other Autodesk programs since 1991 and of course a lot of experience & know-how has been gained in that time.

AutoDesk Cooperation

AutoCAD Certified Professional
Speaker at AutoDesk University London 2019
Speaker Mentor for AutoDesk University 2020


Study of architecture at Edinburgh University

Since 1986 professional experience as designer, constructor and draughtsman

More than 30 years of experience with AutoCAD

Architecture: office & residential buildings, facade planning, steel construction & specialist planning.

Training experience with participants from the following professions and industries:

Steel construction, landscape planning, wind power plants, construction site safety, property management, fire protection systems, electrical planning, clock design, archaeology, conservatory design, factory planning, event management, trade fair construction, logistics and much more.

Experience in other applied software

Inventor: Steel construction & product design
Fusion360: Product & furniture design and rendering
Advance Steel: metal construction

CAD courses since 2010

CAD basics in the AutoCAD foundation course. AutoCAD training online since 2012 and AutoCAD courses in house since 2010.


„We speak German, English and, if necessary, a little Persian. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your CAD course, therefore, we will, as far as possible, ensure an easy learning atmosphere and not put you under pressure or stress. Our experience has shown that you simply take more home with you if you have fun, can ask any questions in a relaxed way and feel at ease.

So we are always happy to receive any feedback, whether in person by email, so that we can make your training time as enjoyable and informative as possible.“

Manon Thompson Sekretärin
David Thompson in Social Media

David Thompson on YouTube

AutoCAD 2017 - Dynamic Blocks pt 1

Dynamic Blocks

In this video I show how a dynamic block can be stretched, and how to use the visibility function to hide or show an object in the block.

AutoCAD 2018 - how to use Plot style tables

Plot style tables

We draw away quite happily in AutoCAD with lots of on-screen colour, but how do we change that when it comes to printing. In this video I explain how to use standard AutoCAD Plot style tables, as well as how to make your own!

AutoCAD 2018 - how to set up & use viewports in paper space

Set up & use Viewports

How to get things from model space to paper space - setting up viewports in your layouts!

AutoCAD 2011 - setting up a sheet title as a block using attributes

setting up a sheet title

How to set up a title block for a sheet border - insert a Logo from a bitmap, insert attributes and field text!

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